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Welcome to John E Feltmate Consulting Services

We provide services in two areas: consultation services in broadcasting, and development of GIS-GPS databases.

In the broadcasting area, we advise on priority carriage requirements, service area boundaries and fixes to database systems. One of our speciality areas revolves around Program Substitution, Carriage Priorities, and Restricted Channels. These topics are more highly related and interconnected than most people in the broadcasting business imagine. The definitions of the various terms often adds to the complexity and usually in a confusing fashion. See, for example, Broadcast consulting for a case study we did recently that illustrates the misconceptions and confusion..

In the GIS-GPS department, we have the GIS, GPS, and mapping expertise to create and maintain databases for clients such as municipal governments, cable companies, and telecommunications regulators. Since mid 2000, we have done precision rapid infrastructure field data collection for clients such as Northumberland Cable TV Limited, the Town of Cobourg PUC, Cogeco Cable, and Lakefront Utilities. In addition, data has been contracted and collected for DMTI Spatial, and municipal information has been provided to Township of Greater Madawaska (Calabogie), Ontario, the Town of Renfrew, Ontario, and most recently to the Township of Rideau Lakes.

In the beginning our equipment was leased. Now the equipment is owned including laser guns and real time differentially corrected GPS systems. Sub-metre accuracies and experienced crews are available. Within the last year, in one shift in a single sub-division, 2650 points were acquired, albeit under ideal conditions. About 200 points per hour is closer to the norm.

If you have Google Earth and a high speed Internet link, take a look at some 911 data we collected in Pakenham and also for CFB Petawawa. (You may see a small offset in Googe Earth imagery due to rubber-sheeting).

Projects include the following (see Recent Projects for descriptions):

  • Create a GIS database showing broadcast signal contours for Industry Canada
  • Collect infrastructure data for Cogeco Cable, specifically telephone pole locations and other data, requiring sub-metre accuracy
  • Advise Chorus Entertainment on location of a re-broadcasting tower to maximize signal for target audience

A partial list of clients from the telecommunications sector and government agencies follows:

  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
  • Industry Canada
  • Association of Canadian Advertisers
  • TVRadioNow Corporation
  • Baton Broadcasting Systems
  • CAP Broadcasting
  • Power Broadcasting
  • Corus Broadcasting
  • Cogeco TV (QC) and Cogeco Cable (ON)
  • UMG Communications
  • Crossroads Television System
  • Netstar Communications
  • The Sports Network (TSN)
  • Legal firms of "Johnston & Buchan", and "Lavery, De Billy"
  • Engineering firms of "Pierre Labarre and Associates" and "Stacey, Lawson Associates"
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